Friday, January 15, 2010

apologising to the blender

Hi all.

I know I'm prolific, but hey, I'm sure you want to hear from more people than just me. WotV? Timo? Jane? Sue? RB? Mark? 'rilla? Wade? Morph? Mama? Ghostie? Saysh?

Anyways (as my colleague says. He also says 'I would've went' which wouldn't make my hackles rise so much if he wasn't an English teacher with a Master's... funnily enough, my English friend who says 'I lost me phone, see?', doesn't rankle me at all [also an English teacher with a masters], but his misspellings do. What a snob I am - but only in regards to English teachers! )

I have a question. How often do you apologise or talk to your kitchen appliances? Tonight I was blending some stuff (I bought a new appliance over Christmas), and of course, I couldn't remove a part, so I was all like, come on you stupidfuckingshitofathing! But then, of course, I had to promptly apologise, and tell it how much its lime green cover suited it, and didn't make its arse fat, and how thankful I was for all that it did for me, for kitchen appliances bear grudges and are vengeful. Yea verily, indeed.


  1. LOL. No, I don't berate the appliances, so I don't have to apologize. Mostly, I keep a running commentary in my head what I have to do. I have two voices in there: the one who wants things done right and is forever scolding, and the one who wants things done easily. I say "we" in my head a lot, unless I'm mad at myself, then I say "you" in a tone of scorn. When things go wrong, I blame "you", not things.


  2. Yes, I do talk to my appliances... and my car. I will try to come in and post something soon...

  3. Not too much information, 'glo. And you obviously know that only a poor craftsperson blames her appliances *sigh*. I have a third person thing going on, but I try to be aware of it, so that I'm not constantly on the backfoot :)

    WotV, I'd had a few beers when I wrote this... but looking forward to anything you write. Many religions are anthropomorphic. I tend to agree with them :) (to a degree).

  4. That's such an interesting question. I don't talk to them per say but I do anthropomorphize them at every single opportunity. like our heater makes banging noises randomly. so if we both are in the bedroom I would say he is feeling lonely hence the noise. ;) or if my burner would not turn on I would be like he is being difficult on purpose. for that matter I tend to anthropomorphize(this word leaves my mouth dry) anything and everything.

  5. no edit??
    anyway heater is in the living room.
    following text probebly should go into rose's personal blog, huh?
    (When religion anthropomorphize god the lack of power on our destiny is easy to digest. It's quite frightening to think that some abstract with no resemblance to us whatsoever controls our all unknown known as fate.)

  6. ah, we can wax lyrical all we like, oi. What is your avatar? a plant? Yes, there are festivals here to honour (and sometimes burn)dolls and such as an investment has been put into them. Without getting superstitious, I don't see that we can discount the accumulation of some time of energy in things (though Mark can surely contradict me). The Japanese, coming from a Chinese-Buddhist tradition (which came from India) have a whole pantheon of 'demons' which occupy inanimate objects... they treat it more humorously than reverently, but they don't discount the possibility. I think one of the great advantages of not being brought up in a culture that thinks dualistically is that you can be open to a number of points of view, spiritually, philosophically, scientifically and so on.

    I think I wrote in a blogpost somewhere far away how my dad always used to get so angry at me because I felt sorry for the pegs left out on the clothesline. I still think my expression wasn't worth getting angry about, and his ire didn't change my opinion. He's a strange mix between pure science and religion (Catholic).

  7. Yeah, no edit! Some type of energy!

  8. "we can wax lyrical all we like, oi. "
    I don't understand that rose.

    personally I believe that accumulation of energy in inanimate object is merely a reflection of energy in human/living beings. I think you would be very interested in knowing how Hinduism describes abstract god. Believe or not one odf the Hinduism branch has god as abstract and not as morphed in human or animal. It has limited number of followers. Right now I can't because I am at work. It would be a long post.
    yeah that 's absolutely not something you would be angry about, at your child. Probably amused because of compensation towards pegs.

  9. oh it's a black spiderman my avatar.

  10. Wax lyrical is just an expression, oi. It means to express yourself lyrically and possibly at length ♥

  11. I like to spread rumours among the appliances about which ones have been plugging into which electrical outlets.