Monday, March 8, 2010

ReUse ReCycle

I will admit a dirty little practice that will probably have you bringing your own snacky schnacks to my house. I use day old stale bagels to make bagel chips. They are cheap and the end product is delicious! I do feel like a crazy old cat man asking for the old bagels at the coffeeshop and bakery.
First I take the horrible fruit or abnormal flavored ones and toss them out to the birds right away. I slice the bagels about an eighth inch or so thick and toss them in a big bowl. I spray them down with olive oil and then toss in some sea salt and Parmesan cheese. Spread them around on a cookie sheet and broil, keeping an eye on them so they don't burn. I keep a couple of pans going so I have enough for TV snacks. Something simple and it is something I like to munch on, great with a beverage and the game on tv.



  1. The fruit ones are good with some spice and sugar, just sayin'. Everything bagels, sun-dried tomato, and asiago are my favorites for savory.

    (I have access to a lot of day-old bagels.)

  2. Yum, Timo. I want some snacky snacks.

  3. That sounds yummy, timo. I have almond butter sitting in fridge and frozen waffles. Don't know what to do with them Almond butter is too viscous did not like it. Waffles hmm, they are tasteless! They need to be drenched into maple syrup to be edible. I am not doing that agian! I always try to use whatever I have sitting in pantries and usually come up with something tasty but they are always one time deals because next time I don't have same exact ingredients left waiting. I dunno what's the point of this comment. I will post recipe here when I go all innovative( yeah right!) next time.

  4. Dorothy, I had to post on here bc I can't post on "The Storyteller" story without ruining the thread. I had to say: I LOVED your continuation of the story. Awesome.

  5. Thanks, JM... If you see this.