Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Party Noms

I don't cook so often, but I would if you were all around. Still, I know that anything I could rustle up would pale in comparison to the yummies that RB has posted, that timo has us salivating over, that 'glo can crank out with hardly blinking, and that fan has been making since her teens.

However, I can go to parties. Some yummy noms from a Christmas party I went to. Pictures of your Christmas parties, Thanksgiving gatherings and so on... post 'em! I want to see them ♥

Seared steak. My friend, Kikuchi-san cooked this. It was done to perfection. I don't really eat very much red meat at all, but this one cube was just enough and oh so fucking delicious.
Just to give you some idea of the variety on the table. The parties that Kikuchi-san has are pot luck. Usually I cook, but this time I just brought fruit salad. Cheat's way out, I know.
Sorry, 'glo! But I just adore crab! I don't usually eat it though, because it is too expensive, and too fiddly to eat. However, the crab that Kikuchi-san's friend had brought was meaty and cut so that it was easy to get the meat out. Yummmmmm! In seventh heaven. You will be pleased to hear that I didn't partake of the crab brains, though. This girl sometimes doesn't go there ;)
You might have noticed an abundance of alcohol in the pictures as well. Of course! This wine was from New Zealand (one of my contributions) - also very seriously fucking delicious. The beer in another post is Yebisu - good. I don't drink red, but it took a good photo. And also brought some local blond and pilsner beers! Maybe not bitter enough for the table, but I liked them. White wine goes with seafood, right? Oh, and Kikuchi-san's friend who brought and bought the crab also brought a huge m-f bottle of sake. I should have taken a close shot of it. I don't drink it, so you know, off my radar, but I'm sure the foodies of the Q would have enjoyed it.

That's kaki-gohan in the background, or oysters and rice. Kikuchi-san again. I wish I could cook like her. I think I can, but it's an ingredient and method knowledge thing!

She later brought out some kind of shellfish (maybe oysters again?) which she'd put a 'secret ingredient' into. She's infamous for this. Putting wasabi (very hot, a form of horse-radish) into things that just shouldn't have wasabi. One of them apparently had a lot of chili, but it must have cooked out. We all said it tasted fine. Then again, I love chili. Maybe I ate the trick shellfish and never even knew it.


  1. The best part of food is feasting with our eyes first. Your pictures show a hostess and dgroup of people that follow that asthetic. YUM nom nom nom!


  2. Yes, T. My food never looks as good as theirs! It is pretty appetising, WotV! -rose

  3. Looks like you go to much better parties than I. Those pictures are so good, I can almost taste the food, how wonderful.