Thursday, December 10, 2009

Food Confessions?

What strange things do you eat when alone, that you wouldn't eat in public? To confess, or to view the confessional, just click on the comments!


  1. I just love canned asparagus, can only stand to eat it one way though.

    Mix warm canned asparagus with mayo and smear it on white toast. Best eaten while in pajamas! I know,I know, kinda gross sounding, yet sooo perfect.

  2. i eat grilled cheese every day. i'm not kidding. every. single. day. with ketchup.

    sometimes i change it up and use different cheese or rye bread, but it's always just cheese and bread.


  3. I had Spaghettios for lunch yesterday. Whenever I buy a can in the store, I always mutter, oh, I suppose I better buy these for the boys. Just in case anyone's watching me.

  4. Long ago, in the dark ages, i found myself with a pack of nathans hot dogs and no buns. I really wanted a hot dog with mustard. I did however have two slices of leftover pizza. I grilled two dogs and warmed the cheese pizza. Oh to my delight the combination was heavenly! I even added some saurkraut to one. Bliss!


  5. rose showing you how it's all done - perhaps!December 11, 2009 at 8:31 AM

    I love tinned asparagus, but never buy it. I eat tomato sauce (ketchup) on bread and butter, or especially on toast, quite often. My jam! I'd eat that in public, too, though.

    My eating habits aren't great. Full stop. I drink too much diet cola, and pretend that I don't ;)

  6. Sue, I was going to say Spaghettios!

    Beans, grilled cheese, I love that.... but with ketchup?

    Tim, you win the wildest food award, I will try that next time I forget the buns. I wonder what my Mr. will say to that.

    rose, thanks for the fond memory, we always had bread, butter and ketchup when we were kids. I forgot all about that! I can still remember sitting on the sunporch, reading comics and enjoying that snack.

  7. I truly love Fritos and green seedless grapes. This is second only to vanilla ice cream with plain greasy potato chips. Snacks of the Gods.

  8. WotV - there are chocolate coated chips (crisps) over here that everyone assures me are very good. I haven't tried them, but I might like them. I steered clear of the salted caramel for ages, but really like it now!