Saturday, December 19, 2009

Food and beverage pairing

So many times I hear that phrase. Pairings for wine, for beer. White wine is for white meat and fish. Red for beef and lamb and so on. But shit really does it matter? The great part of having free will, and yes we have free will even in food, is deciding what tastes good with what. The guidelines are thrown out. I had a red Lebenese wine that was so perfect with chocolate cake and baklava. I found a white wine that was strong enough to stand up to Hatch chilies. So i have quit worrying about the "rules" and when I taste a new beer or wine I consider where in my food playlist it will fit. So go on! Eat, drink and love well!


  1. As long as it's got alcohol in it and isn't too sweet, not a red wine, or a spirit (bar Pernod!) it's fine with me. Not drinking red wine kind of cuts out half of the selection (and lots would say the only selection that counts) for me. Mmm, I like your descriptions.

  2. You know, coke zero goes with everything... Oh, right... beer and wine. Sorry. Ignore that.

  3. ...never go by the rules, we drink whatever comes out of the garage. Sometimes I think it tastes so much better than some of the highly recommended wine in fine dining establishments. I've been disappointed more than once by listening to what a wine steward has suggested.